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Language arts can be an intimidating topic, but it is also highly rewarding. It can be fun and exciting as you discover the neat intricacies that build language. Neat Writers is a writing hub for anyone interested in this topic. The blogs on this site provide creative and insightful information to help inspire your writing.

About Me

I am Martin Alonso, a senior at Kean University pursuing a bachelor’s degree in public relations, and will be graduating after my spring 2017 semester. I graduated from Middlesex County College in May 2015, with associates degrees in English and journalism.

I consider myself an aspiring polymath, with interests in anything that piques the student in me. An obstacle I encountered while deciding my major was the fact that I was so indecisive about what it was I enjoyed doing most. My love of knowledge and wisdom was the culprit for this indecisiveness, and I have learned to embrace this. Stepping into the field of communications, I realized my skills and various hobbies would integrate and cultivate into valuable assets.