How Do I Stop Procrastinating?

Wall clock waiting (1 of 1)

As finals come up, I always get overwhelmed with all that I have to finish. Finals are stressful, but so are all the assignments that are due this same week for every single class. The sad part is that I had weeks to complete these assignments, but I somehow let time pass without even starting them. (more…)

“Man’s Search for Meaning” | Book Review

Dr. Frankl is the epitome of resilience.

In his book “Man’s Search for Meaning,” Dr. Viktor Frankl discusses his experience as an inmate in one of Germany’s concentration camps during World War II. His observations of the hostile environment teach a telling lesson on the meaning of life, even after one has nothing left to lose. Frankl’s conclusion is clear; meaning can be found even in the most hopeless of places. (more…)

Publish Effective Multi-modal Projects

Multi-modal projects effectively engage your audience.

Walking through a supermarket is a multi-sensory experience designed to get you to spend as much as possible. The first thing you see walking in are fresh, vibrant fruits and vegetables so that by the time you reach the junk food you won’t feel as guilty picking up your favorite cookies, knowing you’ve satiated your guilty conscience when you picked up those vegetables. As you continue walking the aisles, the manager on the loudspeaker promotes the day’s special; a machine next to you spits out coupons of products you wouldn’t buy, and a friendly someone behind a table is offering samples of a new coconut ice cream. The message is clear: buy, buy, buy. (more…)

Try Writing a Sentence Using Every Letter of the Alphabet | Pangrams

This is one of the most well-known pangrams.

A pangram is a sentence that uses every letter of an alphabet at least once. They have been used to display typefaces, test equipment, and in practicing handwriting, calligraphy, and keyboarding skills. A well-known pangram using the English alphabet is “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.” (more…)

Trump Makes English and Spanish the Official Languages of the United States

Trump is expected to sign a new bill that would require new citizens to be proficient in English and Spanish.

It comes as a shock to some people when they find out that the United States does not have an official language. English is the presumed language of the United States, but President Trump is expected to sign a bill next Monday that would not only make English the official language but Spanish as well. (more…)